Giggles Cannabis Co. Toronto

Located in the Leslieville neighborhood - we are committed to providing you with a variety of dried flower, pre-rolled, vapes and edibles in your favourite brands: Pure Sunfarms, Redecan, Spinach, and Station House.

Welcome to Giggles Cannabis Co. we are here to help you learn about the best cannabis fit for you while enjoying an inclusive and reassuring experience for newcomers and seasoned customers alike. We are made up of a group of friends with a passion for all things cannabis and art that decided to immerse ourselves into this exciting new industry and community, we are new so let us not only learn alongside our customers but enjoy the highs of what may come our way as we continue to grow into a safe space for anybody that stops by. We believe in the deep link between art and cannabis which is showcased by our support of local artists whose proud artwork can be located all along our store walls. The fundamental goal at Giggles is to provide a safe, welcoming and personable environment for both experienced and beginner consumers looking to make cannabis related purchases. We hope customers will enjoy stepping into a beautiful environment that inspires creativity and comfort.

Help us become a cornerstone of the Leslisville and neighbouring community, we are here to build trust not only with our customers, but also with our neighbours and members of the community who may not consume cannabis products but would still enjoy a fascinating atmosphere deeply inspired by local artists.

Don’t be shy, drop by to say hi, stay awhile, and bring a friend or two, you’ll be sure to enjoy some giggles along the way!